The Pinterest Playbook

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Add text to your pins. ✓ Check.
Make multiple pins per post. ✓ Check.
Use keywords in the description. ✓ Check.

Doing all the right things but still seeing just a trickle of visitors a day? 

Do you want to know how some accounts reach over 1 million viewers on a regular basis?

If you’ve read every Pinterest guide out there but are tired of creating great pins that flop, you haven’t cracked the Pinterest algorithm.

If you’re looking to achieve Pinterest success in 2020, stop wondering and learn how to use Pinterest for business with our tried + true strategies.

The Pinterest Playbook will teach you how to drive meaningful traffic from Pinterest to leverage your blog into a six figure business.


Table of Contents

This 100-page ebook covers everything you need to know about Pinterest, including the latest algorithm updates in 2020. 

Here's what we'll cover:

  • The Pinterest basics: including why Pinterest is such an effective visual search engine 
  • How to set up everything from a business account to a shop to Rich Pins
  • Everything we have learned about Pin design and visual formatting 
  • How we decoded the Pinterest algorithm to accelerate our impressions and reach 
  • How we track our performance and use Pinterest Analytics to continually refine our publishing strategy

Through these strategies, our pins have been picked up by Pinterest over and over again:

example 1: Featured on the Front Home Page in the Today Tab

example #2: Picked Up by Pinterest to use in Marketing!

To learn more about the ebook and the results we've generated through these Pinterest strategies, you can check out:

The book is available in PDF format. 

Please note: due to the digital nature of this product, unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds.

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Available on August 15, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Ebook (PDF)


The Pinterest Playbook

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